Users permissions, what they can see and what they cannot.


I do have 4 users, with differents roles assigned.
1- admin
2- jose
3- ramon
4- david

For example the user 2, jose, cannot see the module “Cars, bikes and truks” because of the role I assigned, the module Cars is inside the assigned module “Vehicles” that have cars, bikes and truks.

The problem is that i restringed the role so he can’t see any of those modules (cars, biks and truks) but he can still see the assigned module “vehicles” which it’s empty, How can I hide this assigned module “vehicles” so Jose cannot see it?


you should just be able to do this in their roles if its a module. If not could you provide some screenshots

Yeah I solved this issue, the problem was that i didn’t repair roles :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks anyways!

Glad it all worked out :slight_smile: