Users permission disabled

Hello, everybody.
I’ll tell you what my problem is.
I have restricted that the users can only see the users of the same group but I want that the administrative users can list all the users.

How can I do this?


By default the administrator user works In this way. Any more specifics so we can understand what you aiming for?

Hi, thanks for answering.

When I refer to administrative users I mean users who carry everything about bills and customers.

There are commercial users that insert clients and what happens is that as the commercial and administrative users are not in the same group when the administrative users try to modify the client records the field assigned to this empty one since it cannot see the commercial ones

I hope I’ve explained myself better. Thank you so much.

Aw gotcha now, I guess you could relax the restrictions to allow the users to see each other or remove/change how the code works surrounding users ACL.

The second one is just the long winded way of doing the first one as both lower security restrictions. I wonder if anyone else has knowledge of a better way to fix this

it seems that I will have to do it by lowering the restrictions but it would be quite interesting if in the roles there was a role to control the display, editing and deletion of user accounts.

Thank you for your help.