User Role not able to view, download email attachments

i have sales role user with permissions as shown in the image below.

These users when receive email with attachments, can see the attachments but can not click to download the attachments to view them. What settings could be set so that users that imported the email attachments can see and download it.

can global search implement these Rules, as we dont want people from different roles see each others email attachments( saved as notes in crm)

When accessing attachments, there are more things intervening - file permissions, web server directory permissions, SuiteCRM session log on (when coming from a link in Gmail, for example).

So I would start by asking, are you sure this is a Security Groups issue? Are you sure that is what is locking access?

Maybe you can try this if you are able to find out exactly which setting you change in the Role to make the files accessible. And then please tell me which one it is so I can try looking into this…

The attachment works when the view permissions on Notes are “Not Set”. When i change it to “Owner” log out and back in, i can see attachments but cannot click them. No files/server permissions issue.

are the notes (email attachments) really assigned to that logged user? sometimes when something is generated from a background process things are assigned to admin, id 1 in database

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I had a similar problem (attachments to cases instead of emails). If I logged in as administrator I could see that the attachment was assigned to the correct owner.
Fixed this by patching data/SugarBean.php, line 1685

} elseif (isset($this->assigned_user_id)) {


} elseif (isset($this->assigned_user_id) && !empty($this->assigned_user_id)) {
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Funny: someone opened an issue about this just a few hours ago :smiley:

Interesting! And does that fix proposed on the Github issue solve your problem?

If so, please post there saying you tested, that helps! Thanks!

SuiteCRM 7.10.11
OS: Ubuntu
Filesystem permissions are correctly set.

I am experiencing a similar issue:
When a user receives an email, if the user is assigned to a Role, he cannot see attachements that come with received emails.
If we remove a user from the Role, then he is able to see email attachments.

The Role to which the user is assigned has all access permissions set to Owner and All (for the columns Import and Mass Update).

We have tried to change Documents and Notes to “Not Set”, without success Until we logged out and back in.
However this is not a solution as we would prefer to enable also Documents and Notes.

We have also noticed that, when emails arrive, the attachments are not being assigned to the user who received the email. Probably this is the cause and, if it is, I believe it’s a small bug but we were unable to find where to add the assignment to the current user.