User is unable to view/create products

I am hoping someone here could assist me in this strange issue. This might be a configuration issue but I can’t figure it out. I created a security group and a role.
Although I Enabled Products and Product Categories and set the settings below but the user is unable to see the products when he logs in and he can’t add products despite him seeing the ‘Create’ button. When he tries to create a Product he gets this message -> You do not have access to this area. Contact your site administrator to obtain access. Redirect to Home in 3 seconds

Product Categories: Enabled | None | All | Group | None | Group | None | Group
Products: Enabled | None | All | Group | None | Group | None | Group

I am wondering if there are any other modules that MUST be enabled and if so which onces?

The reason would be the Assigned to User field. Add the assigned to user to the Editview of Product and it will work.

Go to Admin -> Security Suite Settings. Check the configurations settings, those are the important aspects to be taken in to consideration. Check for the two option “Inherit from Created By User” and “Inherit from Parent Record”


Have you checked out what I was referring to? The product section does not have ‘Assigned to.’

The only way to get that setting is to add the security groups management relation to the product module via Studio.

Also, the issue with that method is that this product should be available to EVERY user and if I assign it to a particular user then that would mean I’d have to create the same product for each user. This would be a lot of duplication.

I believe it’s bug. I added the user as an Admin and then did a repair and now he is able to add products but he is still unable to view the products. I’ve done a repair before and was still unable to even add the product. Now, if only I can figure out which of the permissions module that need to be enabled, then it would be good to go.

Add the below code into the ‘relationship’ array

'securitygroups_aos_products' => array(
            'lhs_module'=> 'SecurityGroups', 'lhs_table'=> 'securitygroups', 'lhs_key' => 'id',
            'rhs_module'=> 'AOS_Products', 'rhs_table'=> 'aos_products', 'rhs_key' => 'id',
            'join_table'=> 'securitygroups_records', 'join_key_lhs'=>'securitygroup_id', 'join_key_rhs'=>'record_id',

It seems SuiteCRM missed its own modules to give SecuritySuite Support. The same is the case with Invoices and Quotes.

I added that code and it added the relation but assigning the user group to the product actually didn’t do the trick. After a tedious process of enabling and disabling each setting for every module in the role setting I was able to locate/pinpoint the source of the problem. I still believe this is a bug so I will explain it below and perhaps you guys/gals can enlighten me.

I created a Role called ‘Products Role’ and a ‘Products Group’ and assigned the Products Group to the Products Role and then removed any and all other roles/groups from the user account. I ended up disabling EVERY setting Except for Products and Product Categories as listed below.

Product Categories: Enabled | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set
Products: Enabled | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set | Not Set

After doing this, the user was able to view/create/delete products.

I ended up pinpointing the ‘List’ setting as the culprit. It will not show the products unless I set it to ‘All.’ I’ve even tried adding it just to ‘Group’ and adding some products to the Group and the products still wouldn’t display.


Did this and it works, but I have several security groups (teams) in place and if I select “ALL” it will display all the products to all of the team members.
Any other resolution?


I have this same problem
Admin can see products but user list is empty
Did you solve this?