User can delete Accounts and Contacts


Users are still able to delete Accounts and Contacts with the following role setting, what is going wrong?

Access - Enables
Delete - None
Edit - Owner
Export - None
Import - None
List - Owner
Mass Update - None
View - Owner


Did you assign those Accounts to the appropriate security group?

Go into Account detail, scroll down to the bottom, there’s a Security Group subpanel there.

You can also “Mass assign” to a lot of accounts simultaneously from the accounts List view.

My organisation has only one group of salesperson that reporting directly to me, if I were to assign these Accounts to a security group then all Accounts will be assigned to one single security group and I again assign all salesperson into this single group with the same role setting, will this be able to prevent any salesperson to delete their our Accounts under “Owner” setting as what I do now, which is directly set role for salesperson and assign them under me who cinfigured under the everything enabled role?

Listen, to be frank… I have no idea. I always get confused with Security Settings, just like anybody else. It’s something called a 3-tier security system, it’s the best and most expressive, you can do almost anything with it, but it IS confusing at first.

What I always do is read this once again, do everything like it says, and then start making small changes and test, until I achieve what I need. I use multiple browsers (or multiple tabs in “private browsing” mode) to try accesses from more than one user at once.

Good luck!

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I did the same and everything okay now; I was thinking the Contacts and Accounts would be able to be deleted as the delete tab can be seen from the dropdown option and the popup was showing undefined which i couldn’t understand the exactly meaning and that made me thought the record could be deleted.

Thank you so much for responding and my last issue is with the permission related undefined, I wonder how can I get it solve as I have followed the installation documents, I belief I have to pay someone to get it done.