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Use SMTP Authentication: Password doesn't save in Outgoing Mail Configuration

Good Day,

I have entered all my details correctly under ADMIN - > EMAIL SETTINGS to the point that I can send an successful : Send Email Test.

However when I Save the Email Settings and re-open it again to Send Email Test it fails.

Then I add the Password again and it works fine, until I save and reopen again …


Can you please advise a solution or tell me where the SMTP Authentication Username and Password gets stored in suiteCRM to update the Password Manually?

Many Thanx

Hi there,

There is a historic bug in SugarCRM which SuiteCRM has inherited where the password can be nullified if anything is modified/changed after saving the full details. There is not yet a fix for this.



Thank you for the response Will,

Any advice on a work around ?

I did this to fix the problem for User Profile update and it probably also fixes your problem.



SPOT ON SIRE ! I have tested several scenarios and recommend your fix with the rule to only update email settings via the User Profile.

Thank you Bruce

Link is no longer viewable.

I have the same problem

Your link with the fix doesn’t work anymore, maybe you could reconsider to post it again?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards