Url links to Surveys being cut in mail templates

I have created a survey in SuiteCRM and now I would like to create a mail including the public link to the survey.

It is not as easy as it seems, let me explain you my problem.

When I include a html text in the mail template with the url linked to it, something like

> <a href="http://mysite.com/index.php?entryPoint=survey&id=9e7737f5-0e7d-fbb0-e9cf-63d9439fd73d"> click here </a>

when I save the mail template or when I send the mail, people receives the same text by the href gets cut showing something like

> <a href="/index.php?entryPoint=survey&id=9e7737f5-0e7d-fbb0-e9cf-63d9439fd73d"> click here </a>

(I have checked that this is also the text that gets saved in the mail template, even I introduce the url correctly)
What happens is that in the url link, the
has dissapeared so user receiving the mail will never be able to access the survey.

How can I solve this please?