Uploaded a module, all seems OK, package remains in upload box.

To expand on the title,
I have a customer using SuiteCRM, we sent a release to them which they’ve uploaded to their production server via the module loader.

All seems to have been applied successfully. However, the zip file remains in the uploaded modules list and it’s not appearing in the extensions.
We have a couple of instances of SuiteCRM which this package has been uploaded to, and all have been successful and not showing this issue.

Typical that it’s the production server that is showing this issue!

I’ve tried all sorts of crazy permissions on my own instance, but can’t seem to replicated.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Suite CRM version: 7.8.6

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You can check permissions, or delete directly, in upload/upgrades/patch (or something like that).