upload img with my newsletter or email


when i upload image in template builder it give the image src = public/—.jpg

but you can not access this image in public i think because of htaccess

and every time i save template it prevent you form put anther path

please could you help me

Which version of SuiteCRM?

Is this in Email templates? Can you give the exact, complete URL it’s producing?


i am using 10.7.3

i found the problem i give permission for the file public on my server

but the problem still in the path of the image there is two /

before public

http:// server name //public/img.jpg


Maybe you have an extra slash in your config.php. these are the two relevant settings, how they look on my system:

  'host_name' => 'crm.domain.org',
  'site_url' => 'http://crm.domain.org',

Make sure you don’t put a slash in the end.