Upgrading to ElasticSearch 6.7

Hello, I have an instance of SuiteCRM 7.11.2 using ElasticSearch for indexing and search. It was a little difficult to set up until I actually read the instructions and found that I needed an older version of Elastic; now search works just fine.

The current release of ElasticSearch is 6.7, and it introduces several features (and updates others) that I’d like to start using. If I wanted to modify Suite so that it can use 6.7 rather than the relatively old 5.6, what level of effort am I facing to get it fully functional? Right now I don’t even know what’s changed or why Suite can’t work with 6.7, but I have confirmed firsthand that it doesn’t out of the box.


I don’t know how much effort it could take. Perhaps you need to upgrade Elastic again (in a test environment), and check logs etc. to see where it’s failing.

Another option is to search ElasticSearch documentation and see what they advise for that upgrade, if they mention necessary code changes, etc.

Is all the Elastic interface code in one place in Suite? I don’t mind delving, but if somebody knows where it all is, I’d value a pointer.

I think it’s mostly in lib/Search/ElasticSearch/

but have a look in the original PR for more ideas: