upgrading from Sugarcrm

I cannot understand the instructions to upgrade from SugarCRM CE to Suitecrm. I have a working installation fo Sugarcrm 6.5.23.
The instructions say: ’ For example, download the SuiteCRMPro-Upgrade-6.4.x-to-6.5.0.zipfile to upgrade SuiteCRM Professional from version 6.4.x to 6.5.0. Download the appropriate conversion file to convert to SuiteCRM Professional or SuiteCRM Enterprise. ’ I thought it was only SugarCRM that pro and enterprise versions?
Also if I am in Suitecrm how can I upgrade my sugarcrm database? Perhaps someone has over used find/replace as the text is similar to the one on upgrade in SugarCRM site.
My understanding is that I need to be Sugarcrm and use the Sugar upgrade procedure but upload the cross/garde file instead. Is this correct?

Ignore the word professional, that looks like a error in the docs(I will get this corrected). Just download the appropriate upgrade pack. If you are upgrading from SugarCRM CE download this package.


This will upgrade your SugarCRM instance to SuiteCRM, the database upgrade will be handled during the upgrade process.

Also make sure you run your upgrade on a separate instance of your crm and not on your live just in case anything goes wrong.