Upgrading from 7.12.x to 8.3 - Compatibility mode for legacy pages

Hi, first post here so if I’ve formatted the post wrong or posted in the wrong spot let me know and I’ll amend it.

I’m currently working with my team to migrate from 7.12.x to 8.3. We have a significant amount of legacy views that are currently broken by the upgrade and we need them to be in a serviceable state before we can move across to 8.3.

Unfortunately some of our pages use jquery to do things like grab info from elements that don’t exist in the new views (not a great practice I know).

Is there a way to route to certain legacy pages? If so what is the process for doing so?

Please look into the file
For Example
The email module is rendered in legacy view
The accounts module is rendered in Angular UI

You will have to clear your server cache after doing any changes

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Hey, I’ve tried this but I’m still getting the same new UI - I’ve even gone so far as to make all entries in module_routing.yaml false to see if anything would change on the testing instance of suite 8 I have running and it is still completely showing the new Angular UI. I’ve tried manually deleting the cache and I’ve also tried moving into developer mode to disable it.

Any ideas on what could be stopping it from displaying the legacy view?

There are two caches
One is in the outermost folder
the other is in public /legacy folder

you need to delete the one in the outermost folder.

Thanks, I’m a bit new to suite so I assumed the pages would look exactly like the legacy pages. Looks like they are now rendering with the legacy components!