Upgrading from 7.11.x to 8


I’m only able to see fresh install and upgrade from previous v8 documentation. Is there any from upgrading from 7.11.x to 8?


Not yet, but there will be soon.

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any idea about when this may be available?

No, I am just using the same expression (“soon”) I heard from people in SalesAgility…

I would say it’s probably in a week or two, but I am just guessing.

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Thanks for the update

Hi there

Any news on this topic?


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Thanks suitecrm team for your effort and dedication

Do you have any news on this topic? any estimated release date?

Thanks in advance

It’s scheduled for 8.2, June 2022

This has been updated recently, have a look:

Has anyone upgraded from 7x to 8x ? I am trying to upgrade now.

There ist IMHO no update path from 7.x to 8 yet. You have to wait for Version 8.2 - see here: SuiteCRM Roadmap - SuiteCRM; The future of SuiteCRM

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Do you know if the 8.2 upgrade from 7.x will allow for 7.x modules/plugins to work?

Vastly depends on the amount of customisations you have.

There is a compatibility mode which allows you to utilise the Suite 7 front end framework if you have alot of javascript customizations. This is where you can say I only want accounts to be using the new Edit/Detail view because I know I have only added logic_hooks and studio fields to this, where if you had front end customisations for Cases then you can keep that in the Suite 7 view (separated edit and detail) until your customisations have been re-adapted for the new angular framework. I suspect a number of plugins would need to rely on the Suite 7 framework still. Perhaps that is something you should ask the maintainers of your plug-ins if they support Suite 8.

I guess we will need the latest 7 (aka 7.12) prior to upgrade to version 8, am I guessing right?

Will this allow for previous modules and configurations to work or will those be wiped?

Oddly, I don’t see any way to upgrade from 7.11.x to ANYTHING. On the upgrade page (Upgrade SuiteCRM - SuiteCRM) there are options to upgrade to 7.12 ESR and 7.13 from 7.10.x and 7.12.x but NOT from 7.11.x. I tried using the “Upgrade from 7.10.x” file but the upgrade wizard tells me “The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of SuiteCRM”. Is 7.11.x a dead end? That would be a pretty significant bummer.

There’s a big button on the bottom of that page saying “FULL RELEASE ARCHIVE” which takes you to SourceForge. Click “Upgrades” once you’re there.

Thank you so much for pointing it out to me. I don’t know how I didn’t see that but I didn’t. I really didn’t understand how it could be what it looked like.

I have downloaded the package for upgrading 7.11.x to 7.12.8. My heart has slowed down to normal again.

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