Upgraded to 7.7 - Calendar not showing up anymore - revisited


Upgrading is not as smooth as it used to be.

Anyway here is my experience, when I upgraded a few weeks ago to 7.7.1 I reported the calendar not working issue.
I reverted back to a working version, any updates made after that failed to get a working calendar, sometime giving me a blank admin page.

Strangely I could not update it as the wizard was stuck at step 4 I think, the commit phase.

So reverting was no longer working and I did try the old 7.7.1 backup (where all the trouble began).
Then the calendar was working!?? No idea why.

I then proceeded to upgrade to 7.7.3 and …blank it goes again, the calendar!

I hope now to revert to 7.7.1 and hope it will work.



Calendar is not working for other users, only for admin.

Do I have to repair something else in the repair list? I tried the obvious ones with no success.



I just reverted to 7.6.6, so never mind about the calendar

I will wait for 7.7 to be usable.