Upgrade Wizard Issue Suite CRM Version 7.10.2

Suite CRM Version 7.10.2

when i click on the upgrade wizard the first screen is to commit to upgrade I don’t

have the option to select a file and follow the wizard if I click on commit goes error 500 I had to recover from a backup but now I I need to fix the Upgrade wizard issue.

how do I do that?

I have attached the screenshot

What do you have in your logs at the time of that blank screen?




Pay attention to the time of the errors, and focus on FATAL or ERROR messages.

this screen comes right after I press upgrade wizard no other options are given prior to this, my assumption is I need to reset somehow the upgradewizard but I dont knwo how.

I can check the logs but I dont know where these logs are lcoated if youc an help.

The suitecrm.log and upgradeWizard.log are at the root of your SuiteCRM installation.

The php_errors.log name and location depends on the configuration of your web server.

To reset the upgrade process you can rename the “upload/upgrades” directory to something different (and then delete it once you are certain it is not needed).

I cant find enything wrong, I have renamed the directory as said and slo I have even temporarely replaces the upgradewizard model with another installation but still gives the same result, is nything in the database maybe that i need to fix?, I have run all repair activities also but cannot reset the wizard.

is anyway I can cancel whatever it is pending?

I don’t think this is a problem with an interrupted upgrade, something you can just clean up. I think it is simply a bug we had in the 7.10.2 upgrade packs, which we already fixed, but I can’t tell you to upgrade to 7.10.4 to get the fix, since you can’t upgrade :slight_smile:

I am quite sure you will find something in your logs. Have you found your web server log already? If you tell me your flavor of Linux and your version of Web server, I can help you look for it.