Upgrade to 7.8.5

Updated to 7.8.5 several weeks back and have had a few interesting anomalies. This one we just noticed, as most of our projects are created from templates. When we create a manual project and add a task from the pop-up dialog, the task name is reflected as “undefined”. I have performed a quick rebuild/repair and checked permission on directory structures. Checked log files. Once the task is created, there are several entries stating “Unable to get proper side for link project_name_link”. Did a little research and added the following line to project_name_link array in modules/ProjectTask vardefs.php - ‘side’=>‘right’

Has anyone else had or seen this issue?

Thanks for any assistance or feedback.

I checked the file (in “blame” mode to see who changed it) and it doesn’t seem like that code was changed (not since the “initial commit” 4 years ago…)


And does that fix completely solve your Issue?

Maybe you can create an Issue on GitHub, with detailed “steps to reproduce”, and propose the fix…

Many apologies for the slow reply and lack of clarity in the first post, it was a long day :). I forgot to mention the line I added to vardefs.php cleared up the log file ERROR message, but the issue still remains. When a new task is created from the pop-up dialog the task name always reflects “undefined”. We have to re-edit the task from the “project tasks” sub-panel to rewrite the name in the DB.

That’s perfectly alright, no worries.

I’d say that if you can reproduce this in the live demo

demo.suiteondemand.com (user: will, pass: will)

…it would be a very nice bug report for you to create in Github, with detailed “steps to reproduce” and perhaps a screenshot or two…

Also include your trick to remove the error message.


Hmm… Works like a champ on the demo site. Just spoke with the admin reporting the issue. She mentioned is was working fine, then suddenly “POW”!!! broke :). We haven’t made any modifications on our end (I’m aware of). Sounds like this one’s going to be a fun one!

Strange indeed. Is your problem only when creating the task from a pop-up dialog? Is there any other way to create a task that you can try to contrast (sorry about my ignorance, but I don’t use the Porjects module)?

(I ask this because there are currently a few bugs that only happen when you start something from a dashlet, so a pop-up window appears)

Yes, it appears to only be with the pop-up dialog. We mostly use templates and they port properly. Also when creating or modifying a task from subpanel works properly