upgrade to 10.7

Hai all,

i need to Know how to upgrade 7.10.7 release codes into my existing updated codes

I need safely to get all my changes after upgrade

Some one guide me to how to upgrade these files

Thanks in advance…

Hey karthik,

Really depends on how you customised the instance.

When you say you need to safely get all your changes ‘AFTER’ upgrade what changes are these? Core changes or studio changes?

If you have everything in the custom folder then the upgrade process wouldn’t affect it.

I have made many core changes and studio changes …

Have you upgraded SuiteCRM by creating files in the custom folder, or by upgrading the original/core files?

Yeah i have created many files in custom folder and do many changes in core files also

For the custom files, these should be fine. If any of your custom files also exist in the core files as part of the upgrade, you’ll want to compare them to make sure you’re not missing out on any new functionality or bug fixes (you’ll be warned about this during the upgrade procedure).

As for the changes you’ve made to the core files, I can’t see how you would get around this without rewriting the changes as custom files, as you’ll run in to this problem for all future upgrades. If you can’t rewrite them as custom files, you’ll have to re-add the changes after each upgrade! It could be a tedious, manual comparison process.

Personally, I would create a duplicate instance of SuiteCRM and test the upgrade procedure to see how it is affected.