Upgrade SuiteCRM

I follow the correct steps to do a upgrade for a new version of my SuiteCRM, but when I arrive at the part of uploading the file, the file goes to the area of already installed packages and the wizard does not let me continue.
Anyone can help me???


That sounds like a strange one.
Would you be able to give a little more info around this?

What Version you are upgrading to/from
Screenshots of the broken part of the process
Any relevant errors in any SuiteCRM log files?

Also, just to double check, you are originally going through the Upgrade Wizard, but its taking you elsewhere mid-upgrade?

Also, check your max_upload_size in php.ini

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Thnks for reply!!
I am upgrading the 7.10.7 to 7.10.27

I am getting this errors after performing the upgrade now, i can did the upgrade, but now a get this errors
There is no error on the log file!

I checked, the was upload successfully, thnks a lot for reply!

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You will want to turn off display_errors in your php.ini, those notices shouldn’t be shown on screen, you can track them in the logs.


Are these errors normal?

Yes, the logs are full of messages you can ignore, especially NOTICE and DEPRECATED.

You can worry if you see FATAL or ERROR, or when you actually have a problem inside the app.

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When i performeded the upgrade to 7,11.15 my studio was not openning anymore, because of that i am trying to upgrade to the latest version of 7.10 and then upgrade to 7.11.15.
You have any idea for why the studio stopped of working??

I don’t have a magic wand to guess… you’d have to diagnose it checking logs etc.

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I will try to upgrade again, thnks a lot for help me!

Did you rerun permissions after the upgrade?, Did you get any error while opening studio, in the logs or on screen? If so what where they?

Yes, i rerun the permissions, there is nothing on the logs but when i open some module on studio, he open a popup with two blank buttons

I had that issue with one of the upgrades breaking my studio. Using the developer view in a browser pointed me to some bad profile fonts. Even after addressing those, i had some random bugs. I had to wait until a new version came out, updating my production instance to that version, and then built a new fresh instance of the newer version, and then imported my data into it.

There were some things that needed to be reassociated with worflows and pdf templates I had, but nothing major, and all of the bugs from that bad upgrade are now gone.

I didn’t have any major customizations besides a few store plugins, but if you do, be vigilant in checking those if this is the path you end up taking.

turn on display_errors in your php.ini and check the apache, php error log and suitecrm.log
There has to be some indications in the logs