Upgrade SuiteCRM 7.12.6 -> SuiteCRM 8.1.6

Hi there.
Was wondering if there is a “safe” way to upgrade my instance. Alltough I see that still many ppl have issues with this. :sleepy:
Or would it be wise to upgrade yet or better wait for V8.2? (Expected Release Date: June 2022)

Hoping to hear from you all.

You should wait for v8.2. And you should try that upgrade in a clone system, it will be slightly risky since it’s a new upgrade process, and things are quite complex with SuiteCRM upgrades.

Hi there @pgr
Thanks for you quick answer.
Ok, will wait than. I hope there will be a package available to do the upgrade on my local box than.
Will it be Php 8.1 Compatible?

On another note:
In my profile when changing the editor to TInyMCE I don´t see/get the editor.
Any permissions to change somewhere?
Hoping to hear from you again.
Cheers / Obrigada.

I don’t know about PHP 8.1 compatibility. It’s desirable, but I don’t know if it’s feasible for SuiteCRM 8.2.

The loading of TinyMCE is a really complex thing. There were changes recently so I guess it might break in some cases. Look for errors in browser JS console and in server-side logs, and then look for recent threads mentioning those specific errors…

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I suggest deleting these two files in your server and see if anything changes regarding the loading of tinyMCE:

cache/smarty/templates_c/%%D1^D15^D1540D1D%%ComposeView.tpl.php (the codes will be different but the Composeview.tpl.php part should be there)