Upgrade Safe - Override Line

Previously I’ve used the standard Custom Folders to make Upgrade safe changes, but they really aren’t upgrade safe in that doing this can block fixes and new features. Also, as the sites in question becomes more heavily customised tracking all those changes or finding blocked features is onerous.

Most changes are pretty basic, they are almost just a line or two where I’ve customised formatting or filenames, etc., etc., perhaps adding an item number or timestamp to a filename for example.

So I was wondering if there is a way to make an override that just dynamically substitutes lines of code from a target file rather than a replace the whole file.

Does anyone think this is possible, feasible or even worthwhile?

Why do you say this? Can you explain one or two specific examples?

What many people do is work from git source control, the software will warn you of possible conflicts and let you edit files manually if necessary to combine changes.

Thanks, this is a good suggestion and obvious, it’s bizarre how I can miss these things sometimes.

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