Upgrade Safe CSS Customization

I’m working on doing the initial customization of SuiteCRM and there are a few quirky things about the theme that I’d like to clean up in the CSS. Is there an upgrade safe way of updating field level css in the SuiteCRM theme?

Hi hyperx,

You can customise what is already there and merge this into changes we make, or create a copy and develop your own theme and then merge in changes in new releases.



When you say “merge this into” do you mean we would have to manually remember every time we upgrade to re-implement the code changes? There is no CSS override file that sits outside of the core theme files?

Hi there,

No there is no CSS override file as such.



Thanks for your help Will.

Could you tell me the path to the css file that controls the look and feel of contact fields?


I found here:
that custom/themes/default/css/style.css
should override

Is there anything we can do to have the same effect with Suite7 theme?

Thanks in advance.

Is there a reply to this last question? Is there a way to override the css style file in the Sugar 7 theme?

Place your custom css in custom/themes/Suite7/css. You can either copy style.css and then add to this, or add a custom file and call it in the _head.tpl.

I can’t get this to work. I have the attached css file in custom/themes/Suite7/css.

I’m trying to restyle the module menu items. In Firebug the container div for the menu list has an id of: menuList.
Just for testing, I tried to set the color of that div to red. Nothing changes.

In Firebug I can see no evidence that this style sheet has been loaded. It doesn’t even show up as being overridden by another style declaration.

Other details, there is nothing in my custom Suite7 theme folder but this file and a themedef.php file because I wanted to change the title of the theme in the selection dialog from Classic to Suite 7.0.

I’ve repaired, logged out and back in, several times.

Any suggestions?

I’ve determined that my style sheet IS being loaded. I will have to experiment more with the selectors to get the effects I want.

Thanks for your response.