UPgrade memory limit error


I tried upgrading to v7.1 and there seems to be an error. It says that my upload limit is 7MB or so. But, the upgrade module is larger.

Where can I go about adjusting for this?



Your starting point should be to search for similar problems. This question has been addressed multiple times.

Well, I did find what I needed to adjust. the pho.ini file.

I need to adjust the line:

I did adjust it to 100M.

But, for some reason, it keeps telling me that I have a 7MB upload limit. The value saved just fine, as I can exit and reload it.

Besides this setting, it there any other thing that needs to be adjusted to allow an upload? The 7.7.1 upload is about 0.5MB too big for me to upload.

Thanks for any ideas.


I found another idea, which di dnot work, but here it is:

I originally changed:

to 100MB

Did not work. I also found another clue. I needed to change:

I also increased this to 100MB

I restarted my server for the new config to be active.

Still no go.

I also read some where else that we might have more than 1 pho.ini file. I looked them up:

(I adjusted the values in the first one that is listed)

Might it be another file?

Thanks for ideas.


Find the correct php.ini … you may be using php7 which is in a different subdirectory … find, edit, restart apache


Does suitecrm have its own pho.ini file? If so, where is it located?



follow this guide https://suitecrm.com/wiki/index.php/Upgrade

you’re missing something

best regards