Upgrade from 7.1.1. Whichone?


I noticed that the latest version of SuiteCRM is 7.1.1

I have 7.1

I also noticed that SuiteCRM was divied into 3 versions.

Which one to I upgrade to from 7.1?

Once I choose, how will the database be affected?



Hi Joseph,

Currently when you upgrade to 7.1.1 if you are on 7.1 it will be the standard version. If you wanted to use MAX/Sales/Service(which show menu options dependant on requirement) you would need to download & install separately.



What is the ‘standard’ version?

What is the difference between the 3 versions? Just he menu options or are some extra modules included in one but not other?

Since I upgraded from Sugar, what version am I running?

I installed 7.0 and upgraded it until the latest version. I seem to have all the options like MAX. Did you just offer stripped down versions called Sales and Service, in addition to the MAX?

But, I installed another version (How can tell if it is sales, service or MAX?) and it seems to have less. Should I just scrap it and reinstall MAX to get all the services? There is no way to “upgrade” and add the extra missing features?

Btw, you have a comparison page. You compare Suite with other CRMs. Can you make a page with a table showing a comparison of features of each of your 3 editions? Having to flip between 3 pages to compare is a challenge and having a simple table to compare features would make things easier.



I agree with joehogan, I am looking for the same answer - at the moment I am confuse with which version to install.