Upgrade fail at step 4


I am trying to upgrade SugarCRM 6.5.16 to SuitCRM with the upgrade patch via Upgrade Wizard. I’ve done the necessary modifications in php.ini and everything, file permissions seem ok. I upload the zip, run the check, and then after Preflight Check was a success, when clicking next, the page just goes blank. The last thing I read in the UpgradeWizard.log is:

But then no error in sugarcrm.log.

So I don’t know what is the wrong with commiting…?
Can anybody help?

Thank you, Timea

Hi Timea,

What is your Server/MySQL/PHP setup? Have you been able to upgrade successfully previously or is this your first upgrade?



Hi Will,

I am using WAMPserver 2.2; PHP 5.2.9; MySQL 5.5.24;

Yes I’ve been able to upgrade from version 6.3.1 to 6.5.16 trough version 6.4.6.

Thanks, Timea