Upgrade 7.9.14 to 7.10 fails when uploading file

I am having a similar issue, but I know nothing about PHP. Our CRM is hosted by SuiteCRM. Is this something that I will have to have them update?

Warning: stat(): stat failed for upload/upgrades/patch/SuiteCRM-Upgrade-7.8.x-to-7.9.7.zip occurred in /app/include/UploadStream.php on line 308 [2018-02-26 17:35:24] display_stack_trace caller, file: /app/include/utils.php line#: 3492

Hi, I moved this to a new thread, it’s better not to mix one issue with the other.

Where is that error showing, in suitecrm.log? Or on screen?

And do you see any errors in upgradeWizard.log?