Updated 8.3 no menu

I was using 8.2.4 and was updated to 8.3 however after CLI update the admin user has no admin screen, no header menu either. If I try to manually go to the admin screen via url I get ta blank screen. I have cleared cache, restarted web server, tried both the override and merge for metadata.

running php7.4

You probably have a FATAL error in your php_errrors.log

Nothing shows in php logs for fatal. It came from an installation running 8.2.4 and was ok. I installed a fresh fileset and can login and see the menu, however only the admin can login, no other user. any ideas?

Hello @amortensen

Have you given file permissions?

Yes I did reapply the permission. After trying for hours I just went ahead and deployed a new db build and worked to import data the best I could to the new db. That got it working which makes me think it was db related not file related.

Same issue here.

  • File permission correct
  • Quick repair done
  • clear cache

No Menu

And the administration area looks like this:

Are you signed in as the original Admin user? Try going to profile and hitting save. This worked for me originally.

New install Suitecr 8.3.0

I’m having the same issues, no menu, and I can’t log out.

Once check your 8.3.0 configuration with SuiteCRM 8.3.x Compatibility Matrix

I tried as the original Admin user but I receive now “You are not authorized to view this page”

Now I tried to go to ./#/users/index → open the Admin profile → click “edit” → save

Nothing changed, same issue.

I did the upgrade with PHP 8.1.
Is it possible that this is the problem?
Can I do the upgrade again with 8.0?