Update Relate Field by API

Greetings, how can I update a custom Relate field (a User) inside Cases module, by SuiteCRM API ?
I tried using get_entry and set_entry, but I can only retrieve Fullname of Case related User, no id , and updates have no effect, also is no error returned.


Hi and welcome!
First of all, try to get your case:

	"session": "{{sessionid}}",
	"module_name": "Cases",
	"query": "cases.id='{{current_case_id}}' ",
	"order_by": null,
	"offset": null,
	"select_fields": null	

the json you receive contains (if you actually use a relate field only):

"user_id_c": {
    "name": "user_id_c",
    "value": "e3c26b87-38b0-7584-dea4-5d7a13404d28"
"test_user_c": {
    "name": "test_user_c",
    "value": "Demo User"

the id shown in user_id_c belongs to the selected user, ready to be used in the subsequent request.

E: sorry, you were asking about updating these fields. Will come back to this!

E2: to update this relate field, use set_entry like this:

	"session": "{{sessionid}}",
	"module_name": "Cases",
		"user_id_c": "{{second_user_id}}"

Thanks, but I already tried this; it seems this system doesn’t work with Relate fields.
Maybe some argument is wrong; name of User field is “approvedby” and on SuiteCRM Admin Panel it appears as “approvedby_c”.
I tried to update “approvedby_c_id” , “approvedby_id_c” , “approvedby_c” and others , but Case “Approved By” field never changes.
To be precise, I perform update of several fields update and all changes are ok except “approvedby”, and no error is returned.

I’ve actually tested the request before, so its probably just a different field name. Did you had a look at your database how this column is called?

I don’t have access to DB, but on SuiteCRM Admin Panel the field is shown as “approvedby_c”
I’m using SuiteCRM v. 7.11.15 with SOAP API v.4
Based on your example, correct name to use should’be “approvedby_id_c” ?