Unsubscribe Behaviour

A number of Leads that had clicked an unsubscribe link received e-mails from a second run of the campaign. The e-mail addresses associated with those Leads in the Lead details page revealed text-decoration: line-through and “(Opted Out)‎”. However, this does not prevent:
[b]1. Re-run campaigns from sending messages to the Opted Out address

  1. Adding an Opted Out address from new target lists
  2. Selecting Lead/e-mail from Select Email Recipients pop-up in new e-mails
  3. Adding a mailto: link to the displayed e-mail in the Lead detail view

As well, if an opted-out address is used in a new e-mail, a warning should be displayed in the new e-mail window.

I would suggest all of the above be seriously considered as a bug, or at least a necessary feature request. In Canada, anti-SPAM laws are very strict and even include penalties, per occurrence. The current actions of SuiteCRM are a serious liability concern.

What action does SuiteCRM take after an opt-out? …just the text-decoration: line-through?


As this is a legal requirement, it should really get some more attention. Is anyone out there paying attention to respecting opt-out settings?

The whole Campaigns module has been reworked in version 7.6.4., out after you started this thread 6 months ago.

I would recommend testing it on that version to see if the problem is still there, and if it is, open an issue on SuitecRM’s Github for the developers to fix it. I agree it’s an important issue, and they will to.

I sugget that you read the SugarCRM 6.5 CE Campaigns Manual, in which, among other things, opt-outs are explained.

Additionally, but it applies to SugarCRM 7.x, you can also read this article in which the different opt-outs are explained.


The behaviour does not match the documentation:

  1. Opted out users are placed in the Opted Out list of the campaign. Ok.

  2. Opted out users e-mail’s are crossed out in their Target/Lead/Contact profile. Ok.

  3. Other campaigns will still e-mail opted out addresses. Not Ok. See below

  4. Re-used target lists will not exclude Opted Out addresses, from other campaigns. Not Ok. See below.

  5. There is no global e-mail suppression list that is automatically updated by the system and followed by all campaigns. Highly recommended.

The way Opt Out works–across all Campaigns–is that, for each Campaign run, the Opted Out addresses must be manually added to an e-mail suppression list. That list must then be manually added to each campaign, and re-added on subsequent runs, every time.

There is a great deal of risk that Opted Out addresses will not be excluded due to human error.

Sure, this works if a use wants to Opt Out of your marketing e-mails, but continue to receive your newsletter, but there are not multiple degrees of Opt Outs supported by SuiteCRM. Just Opt Out.

Canada’s anti-spam legislation requires that an Opt out link be able to allow a person to indicate that they “wish to no longer receive any commercial electronic messages.” Unless multiple degrees of opting out are provided, the ability to opt out from “any specified class of such messages” cannot be used because it must be used for the “any commercial electronic messages” suppression list.

Whatever the anti-spam laws may be in your country. This section should at least be considered a model to follow as a good member of the Internet community.