Understanding also the email management

Hi again,
I have another question about emails as something is still strange for me also for this.

On my dashboard, i have all the “unread emails”.
If i click on an email, i can see the email details.
If i go back on the dashboard, the email is not shown anymore as i have open it. Seems logic here.

But when i open the full email list (not in the dashboard, but with the menu “email”), the emails are still with a different color, the color used for unread emails ???
Ok, i check the email, then i choose the action “mark as read” and the color is removed.
Yes, but i select again the email and choose the action “mark as unread”, then i find back the colored background in the email list, but i cannot find the “unread” email in the dashboard again !

I have also tried in a report with emails with a filter “unread / read” but the email clicked one time are nevered raised back if marked as unread in dashboard or reports…

This is quite annoying : i would like to be able to click on an email to see what is it, and be able to answer “later”. As the email is automatically removed from the dashboard then and is not also raised in report for my “unread emails”, i have a great chance to “loose” an email very important…

How to understand again all this ? Is this the normal behavior ? How to mark back to unread an email to see it again in the dashboard or in the reports ?

Thanks to all for your help :slight_smile:


Nobody can helps on this either ?