'Undefined' text in error messages, headings, titles and loading bar.

I have searched the forums regarding the error “undefined” in various sugar-crm forums and in all these forums it has mentioned the following.

1, change the permission of cache folder to 777 --> this has been done already

2, Remove the file /cache/jsLanguage/en_us.js and clear the browser cache also --> tried this already

3, The 3rd one is remove the cache folder by flushing the cache by going to Admin > Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild within the Sugar application. -->Tried this already

4, Another solution is change the default values for dir_mode and file_mode to the following in the file config.php. --> This has been already done

‘dir_mode’ => 493, // 16
‘file_mode’ => 420, // 164

Screens of the problem:

This issue is normally related to the ‘RewriteBase’ value in the .htaccess within the SuiteCRM directory. If the directory value there differs from the directory your CRM currently resides in, the undefined message can show in multiple areas.

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Yeah, found the solution was to simply run the "Rebuild. Htaccesss

Can you please give an example. In my .htaccess file I can only find: RewriteBase /
There is not a value behind the slash. Is that ok?


I’m struggling to fix this issue. I’ve attempted all the fixes mentioned on the forum. I really want the team to start using this as on as possible but can’t because of the undefined showing up everywhere.

I’m not sure htaccess repair is doing anything. Could i do anything else to get this working ?


Is data and customisations already set up?

If not, you could just go nuclear by wiping the section with Suite on it and then reinstalling it.

Also, check you have latest version, it may be just a bug with older.