Undefined Problem [Windows 7] [Xampp] [Restored Backup]

I tried google for existing posts but nothing was that i could figure out for “windows 7 xampp undefined issues with suitecrm after restoring”

I was using suitecrm on my windows server 2008 through xampp which was working totally fine, then recently i made a backup of it and uploaded in my new pc where i have windows 7 and xampp.

Now the issue is everything has been successfully uploaded and is functional, but why am i seeing “undefined” while loading on line items, and many other tags are showing “undefined”.

Meanwhile searching i did get to know the idea that these are permissions issues but as i am using xampp, and i am using windows, so i am not sure, if its permission.
i have also tried giving folder full control to all users and also gave full access on sharing yet the issue is still there.

Can someone help me with this issue? Please?

Did you remember to do a “Quick Repair and rebuild” after you opened up permissions? And perhaps restart the Web server.

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Alright the issue seem to be resolved.

I repaired and rebuild all of the options.
I also edited the .htaccess and changed the directory to “/” on 3rd line.