Undefined Popup

So I installed SuiteCRM I got some errors but didn’t have the sense to copy them because I thought they would be in the install.log. But they are not. Something about out of memory.

Very helpful I know.

Anyway if there is a different log file let me know and I’ll attach it.

The problem I am having is I am getting an message that says “undefined” for most every AJAX loading bubble.

I know I have not been very forthcoming with information for troubleshooting, please let me know what else I can provide.

Also thank you for the hard work on this projecr

Hi Cade,

The error log for suite/sugar is in the main directory and is named “sugarcrm.log”. Are you experiencing the AJAX issues on all modules, or a select few?



I am sorry for the late reply. I did not see your response until now.

I resolved the issue that was causing the error on install, however I am still getting the “undefined” messages in the ajax loading screens. I checked the sugarcrm.log and it is empty (This is a fresh install since receiving the above error)

Hi Cade,

Have you set the recommended permissions on your SuiteCRM instance?




Will, one thing I have noticed about you is you are very quick to reply and very thorough in your responses. So when you didn’t respond quickly with more troubleshooting steps when I said “Yes” above I figured I must be the wrong one.

Turns out I was right (About being wrong). Apparently for whatever reason (I know I did it right) the CHMOD -R command didn’t propagate to ALL the files. Upon further investigation I had several files with 770 permissions.

So I set the permissions AGAIN and now everything is smooth! No undefined errors!

Thank you for your awesomeness!