"undefined" message on pop-up, and loading page

When loading a page, the following message : " undifined "

Same thing when validating an suppression, the following message popup appear
The page at " http://xxxxx:8080/suitecrm says: undefined1undefined "

Ensure warnings/notices are supressed. Then check the permissions on cache/include/jsLanguage/en_us.js

can you explain more


Use following command to set permission, if you are using LinuxServer.

chmod -R 775 custom/ modules/ cache/ config.php config_override.php

Hope this helps.

My prod server : Win Server 2008 R2 Entreprisee

So, no answers for this. Only way seems to be installing it in linux and get a move. May be SuiteCRM people can display ‘Not supported in Windows’ prominently in the home page…