undefined language strings on subdomain

Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to Version 7.10.12 and have a strange problem.
Suitecrm is installed on a folder on our server. eg www.domain.com/suitecrm. Everyting is working fine. But since domain.com runs on php 5.6 we created a subdomain suitecrm.domain.com that points to the same folder on our server in order to have php 7.xx The strange problem is many language strings are displeayed as “undefined” and on chrome developer it shows a 404 regarding the language file. I tried everything I found like rebuilding etc but nothing seems to work.
So on www.domain.com/suitecrm all is ok but on suitecrm.domain.com the language is displayed as “undefined”

What am I missing?

Kind Regards

There are few things to keep in mind after changing domains.

  1. Change in site_url settings under config.php
  2. Change in host_name if you changing host.
  3. if you used session_dir locally, this also needs change.

Permission are also needs to taken care.
I used give cache/ custom / upload to 777 , rest 755 or 775 should work.


You have to set correct path into the file .htaccess for variable RewriteBase

Thank you,After trying several things I reinstalled suitecrm on the subdomain and restored the database. Seems to work