undefined Labels

After downloading SuiteCRM 7.10.15 and installing I’m still getting the attached UNDEFINED labels messages in my Suite CRM. Can anyone help with troubleshooting this ?


This is likely an ownership/permissions problem.

Go in Admin / Schedulers and see the instructions at the bottom of the table. These are specific to your system, they are telling you which user you should create the crontab for. For example, maybe it’s called www-data.

This is the user name which you must use in the chown command given in the Installation guide.

  sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .
  sudo chmod -R 755 .
  sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload
  sudo chmod 775 config_override.php 2>/dev/null
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PGR… Just one question what has Undefined labels got to do with crontab ? But I will still try this. I hope it works. Thanks.

Permission is not related to crontab. But from where you can find the owner of your SuiteCRM files.

So you can set correct ownership of your files.

mobinyasin, if the permissions don’t fix the undefined labels, you should check your host setup and the RedirectBase in .htaccess.

This fixed my issue with the undefined labels.

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That’s correct, It may be due to .htaccess missing some entry.
Take a backup of your .htaccess file then.

Try this :

Admin->Repair->Rebuild .htaccess File
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You have to make sure that the SuiteCRM cron.php is executed by the same owner/group of SuiteCRM (apache or other webserver; MySQL; etc…) or else, you will end up having ownership/permissions issues.

It’s been some time since Pedro (@pgr) has pointed this out and has, in recent versions of SuiteCRM, contributed to helping to solve the issue. Now it is possible, in config.php, to add one or more allowed users. If you navigate to Admin / Schedulers (thanks to @pgr) we can now see the actual user/owner of the application.

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Yes you guys are right there is a problem with permissions but when I change the main SuiteCRM directory it gives Internal Server Error. Can’t figure out which directory to chmod 775

Maybe you can try this:

Fixed undefined column labels in Studio after upgrade by recreating .htaccess as suggested above by urdhvatech.

But this DID NOT fix undefined field dropdown labels in workflow.

@bryancn you still have permissions issues. But please start your own thread with detailed information so we can help you.