Undefined index: Facebook in - causing Error on Homepage

I have this error
Undefined index: Facebook in /var/www/clients/client0/web3/web/xx/custom/modules/SugarFeed/Dashlets/SugarFeedDashlet/SugarFeedDashlet.php on line 8

Any suggestions?

Further Information - I have found this error in my log file
PHP Warning: require(custom/modules/Connectors/connectors/sources/ext/rest/facebook/config.php):

Then I checked and this line exists in custom/include/social/facebook/facebook.class.php


but config.php does not exist - should I create it is it an error

All I ended up doing was going to
Admin -> Activity Streams -> and disabled Facebook

Does anyone know if this issue has been sorted out yet - or was it unique to me?