Unable to show email at Account contact subpanel

I migrated all DB from an old sugarcrm to the suitecrm 7.10.4. version, and everything seem to be working fine, with exception to this:
Even the costomers have defined the “email1” field, and the “email” field is defined as “shown” at the List View, AND I can see that value under Detailed view, don’t know why that values dont appears at the list view. (screenshot)
Could someone help me to identify the root cause of this?
Kindest regards from Colombia

Please copy the same definition of email fields from the detail view to List view as per List View metadata file definition.

The definition should be like this

‘EMAIL2’ => array(
‘width’ => ‘15’,
‘sortable’ => false,
‘customCode’ => ‘{$EMAIL2_LINK}{$EMAIL2}’),
‘EMAIL_OPT_OUT’ => array(
‘width’ => ‘10’,
‘label’ => ‘LBL_EMAIL_OPT_OUT’),


Thanks for your advice, but couls you guide me to those file location?
I could not find by myself.