Unable to send scheduled reports

I’ve been suffering with this for a while, I thought that upgrading SuiteCRM to 7.8.28 would allow me to leverage the Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks job.

however even after I remove all my jobs the suitecrm.log still shows this error:

Thu Apr 18 12:25:03 2019 [3173][1][FATAL] Job 87200b0a-40cf-d8e1-12ab-5cb8cfebcc74 (Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks) failed in CRON run

without fail.

my cron entry for running this is:

          • cd /var/www/ && /usr/local/php72/bin/php -f cron.php

is there anything someone can suggest short of running a chmod or chown as i’ve done that based on other searches for this issue. i’m pretty sure the ownership is correct.

Thank you again for your help

If you get that error in your logs (once per minute?), that means it’s launching the cron.php correctly.

Then it starts and the Report Generation job and fails inside that job.

Since the Report generation loops through all the Reports you have defined, I would start by trying to figure out which one is failing. You can do this by disabling all but one, see if it works; if not, enable only another one, and see if it works, etc.

Eventually you will find which one is failing and you can either remove it, if it’s not important, or try to figure out which part of the Report is creating errors. Increasing you log level to DEBUG can help in this part.