Unable to send email from compose mail in 8.2.4 but test email works

Hi all,

I’ve been attempting to send a test email via the compose email function under ‘Emails > compose’ in version 8.2.4. I have successfully sent several test emails and I’ve fixed the bug with the ‘TLS’ config item not persisting as mentioned in another thread so that all works fine.

I wanted to do a small test campaign but before that I thought I’d attempt to just compose a regular email from the compose email view.

Unfortunately when I go to send the email it says: “Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance.”.

I’ve had a look at where I think the suiteCRM log is on the server and I can’t see any mention of the failed email. it’s a bit strange though because the last entry in the log file is from late yesterday. I also had a look at the ‘Diagnostic’ report from the front end administrator panel and this too only shows errors from yesterday when I set this up.

Is there any way to debug or see why it’s failing… I’m not sure which other logs to check.

Thanks for any help or direction.

I’ve found the maillog for postfix (what I’m using to send email from the server) and I can see no entry into the logs when I attempt to use ‘compose email’. It only generates anything when I use the administrator test email account.

I found the incredibly simple solution to the problem. The reason it would not send is because ‘Users may send as this account’s identity:’ check box was not checked in the email settings window. Crazy that the reject text didn’t just say that this was the reason.

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