Unable to save Email address in Case Description

I have written a Case importing script to import cases from another system. The Case description contain email addresses. After saving the Case and then later loading up the case using getBean, any email address in the description have been removed. Its like Suite CRM completely removes the email. Is there something I need to do to make sure the email addresses get saved as part of the Case description?


This is probably yet another case of the infamous excessive “security” clean-ups in SuiteCRM… there’s probably one or more issues for this on Github. There might even be some workaround, although the real solution would be to get rid of the whole faulty logic that’s being used to handle this sort of “security” issue…


You can write functions in the Case object to validate and add email on import:

public function beforeImportSave() {
public function afterImportSave() {

Look at the information about adding and changing email addresses for an existing object.

I got around my problem by simply running a SQL statement to update the description field after doing a bean->save.

This may not be the right answer for code that is used daily but since this is just for importing old records so that the data is not lost and is only ran by the developer (me), this seemed to be the best answer for now.

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