Unable to remove/hide "InsideView"

Have tried to remove Insideview from all modules in detail view via, Manage connector settings in the Admin area. I have moved all modules to disabled, yet Insideview is present in all the modules in detail view.

I have cleared my browser cache
I have completed a quick repair and rebuild
I have also double checked my file permissions

Has anyone else had this issue and if so have any ideas where i should be looking or doing to remove “insideView”

Thank you

Not sure why this worked but this is what I did.

1)in the connectors settings I enabled one of the modules (contacts) then saved it.
2)Completed a quick repair & rebuild
3) went back to connector settings then disabled the contacts modules, then saved it
4)completed a quick repair & rebuild
5) went to all modules and Insideview is not displaying like I want.

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