Unable to relate Modules

I’m trying tu build a custom module for a school.

I have Courses, Teachers, Course organizers, Locations as custom module inside a School package.

To put all the information together I have also added a module called “Courses Calendar”.

Courses Calendar has a relation one to one with Courses, Teachers, Course organizers, Locations.

I’m able to relate Locations and Courses correctly inside the Course Calendar.

But I’m not able to relate the Teacher and Organizer inside the Course Calendar. The select window is displayed correctly as usual but when I try to click on the contact is not clickable.

I think the problem is that:

The Teachers module has a relation one-to-one with Contacts
The Organizers module has a relation one-to-one with Contacts

(to being able to select only Teacher and Organizer and not all contacts).

Thank you if you can help

Are you able to provide a screenshot of what you mean by ‘inside’?

Are you trying to add a Teachers record and Organisers record from the Course Calendar module Edit View itself?

More info would be much appreciated. :slight_smile: