Unable to import Leads

I have a Sugar CE version that I’ve been using for a couple of months and wanted to try out SuiteCRM because of the added functionality, but obviously I want to test it out before I start doing any integration that I have with Sugar CE. I exported my Account, Contacts, and Leads from Sugar CE and was able to import my Accounts and Contacts with no problem, but I can not get Leads to import.

I even broke the file down to just 12 leads entries and it looks like its successful, but when I go to Leads there are no leads there.

Has anyone else had this issue with SuiteCRM? Any suggestions?

When you say that there are no Leads but it looks successful:

At each stage of the import the wizard reports back to you to let you know of errors.

If you import 10 records, does it ssay 10 records successfully created … or is it reporting any errors?

I tried it again. The error I’m receiving is NOTICE: [8] Undefined index: Import on line 250 in file /var/www/html/suitecrm/modules/AOD_Index/AOD_Index.php

I received the same error once when importing Contacts. I thought that it meant that I had some character or something incorrect on line 250 of my Contact.csv file (even though I only had 189 Contacts), so I deleted anything that might be on rows 190 through 251, resaved the file and the import went smoothly on my next try. I tried that with this file, but its still showing the error.

While it was giving me the message described in my earlier message, when I tried importing only 4 items I could see the actual error. It was that I was missing a dropdown attribute in one of my dropdown list.

All are imported now. Thank you for your help.