Unable to find custom module names in 'related to' field in Notes module


I have created two new modules that may sometimes needs Notes. I see Notes module has ‘related to’ field but I do not find the two custom module names in the ‘related to’ field dropdown list. So without creating relationship I cannot link notes to custom module.

Did I miss something when I created the custom modules? What should I do to have the names of the two custom modules appear in the dropdown list?

Pls advise.



This can be added quite easily. The parent type dropdown on notes can have the modules added to it. In the dropdown editor in SuiteCRM you can add your new modules to the record_type_display_notes dropdown. The key in this case should be the module name (i.e. ABC_My_Module) and the label should be how you want this to display in the dropdown (i.e. ‘My Module’).

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I have added custom module in related to dropdown and it displays correctly while creating call module.

But custom module subpanel not displaying call entry in subpanel of custom module. what thing I am missing?

Please guide us here.


I have another query in context of custom module and notes module.
I have created a new custom module and defined relationship between it and notes module.
I am using rest api to list all data.
I am tring to retrrieve all notes connected via api but fail