Unable to Edit Dashlet

Good morning,
I’ve installed on Windows 10 with XAMPP SUITECRM Ver. 7.10.2

I have aproblem with Dashlet in home page, I can add them in the home page, but when I want edit it appear an error message: “There was an error handling this request”.

Please could you help me?

Marco Impagnatiello

If this is a fresh installation maybe you have a generic problem in your configuration. I’d like to check that before going into any specific Dashlet problems.

Do you see any other areas in the application behaving strangely? Does that error appear in other places?

You can also check your logs for any clues: suitecrm.log and errors.log (or whatever the XAMPP log is called). Look for ERROR or FATAL messages, especially around the time when you try to access the add Dahslet function and it breaks.