Unable to download upgrade from button link

The console log gives an error in console log, which I’ll link here.

And to ensure this wasn’t a problem with a Chrome extension, the same behaviour happens in stock firefox, stock IE edge and stock Opera and stock Vivaldi.

https://www.suitecrm.com/download/suitecrm <-this page as in.

As a workaround, you can download from here:

(Start by clicking “upgrades” if that’s what you’re looking for).

Anyway, I think you are right and this is actually a new bug in their website, I can’t download anything either. I click and nothing happens.

The links now seem to be working well again. Whatever it was, it seems to have been fixed…

Still seems to be broken for me.

Thanks for the workaround though :slight_smile:

At this precise point in time, it’s broken for me also, again.

Who knows, in a few minutes?.. : - )

Maybe you might want to file a bug in Github.

is this for all upgrade packages or only 1 specific one? I cant seem to replicate your issue?

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I’ve got a Screen Recorder Plugin, I’ll quickly record it for you now and edit it in as a link.

https://streamable.com/e/3fij <-Behaviour

the refresh you see is a Hard Refresh (CTRL+F5) to see if it’s a caching issue.

https://streamable.com/e/x1um <-Showing Console and Quickly Showing Plugins which could affect are disabled.

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Same behaviour and console errors for me on Firefox (ad-block disabled), but on Edge it works…

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hmm it works for me on FF, ill raise this issue

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