Unable to display photos

HI there,

I am trying to upload photos to the Contacts Module and keeps giving me a link to C:\fakepath\image.JPG and does not show the image.

Everything else is working fine - just can’t upload images.

Any ideas?


What is your version of SuiteCRM?

Can you check that you have write permissions on the upload directory?

What the actual URL under that link?

Hi @pgr

The version I’m using is 7.10.4 on Window Server 2016.

The write permissions on the directory are fine and have checked multiple times.

The URL of the image is suitecrm/index.php?entryPoint=download&id=e8fc0761-7a66-a88a-830c-5aa51a101a4d_photo&type=Contacts

I have renamed the module Contacts to something else, would this have an impact?

Also, when I try and save the image from where it should be, it gives me the file name as No-Image.png

Many thanks,

Do you have a file called


on your upload directory, with read permissions?

The module rename shouldn’t make a difference, I believe.

I can’t see a file name with that name in my uploads folder.

I’ve also done a directory search and nothing comes up.

That suggests the error is while writing the file there, not when trying to show it later.

Do you see any PHP errors in Windows Event log? Or in suitecrm.log?

You can try placing a file there with that name (no extension!), see if SuiteCRM picks it up. Just rename any jpg or png to that name.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve added the image to the uploads folder and renamed it and it now appears on the contacts record for that person.

I’ve checked the logs and there are no error logs.

I have seen bugs before with this, but at the moment on 7.10.4 I believe this should be working.

So we know that the problem is when saving the record. Lots of obstacles could be interfering here - your web server might have some security option restricting which files it allows upload (mime types). You could have an Anti-virus blocking things. Or an .htaccess file (or whatever it’s equivalent is, if you’re using IIS).

Even permissions can be tricky to get right: one thing is to be able to write to existing files, another is to be able to create new files inside a directory.

You’ll have to debug this yourself, since I don’t have a similar set up…


I think I got a similar problem
I have Photo field in Contacts module
I can’t upload and display photo in Inlinte edit. This show me C:\fakepath\myImage.png and i can’t remove this photo via Inline Edit.
But if i add photo via editview it’s work fine and i can edit photo via editveiew(delete/change)

Any idea what should i do?
I have suitecrm v 7.11.9

Has anyone ever faced a similar problem?