Unable to create case through email

i am unable to create case through email in SuiteCRM.
Inbound process is created with create case from Email to yes.

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Please check if you have configured your Scheduler jobs, and if they are running successfully.

Also, this will help you know what information it is good to provide in a post:

I faced the same situation

Hi @ashudubeynsk & @james11,

After checking out what @pgr said,
Could you ensure that the email is visible within the emails module, if this is the case then try running php -f cron.php from the root directory of your CRM (Assuming your using linux) which may prompt the CRM to create the email into a case record otherwise can you ensure that your email credentials are valid for the mailbox created.

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Thanks it works. my cron.php was not running. which it set to running mode and issue resolved.

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