Unable to add new users' passwords

Dear All,
Maybe this topic has been already treated, if is the case please just give me the link where the discussion is.
I have a problem.
Just installed version 7.1.1 everything good apart that I can’t add new users because the “Password” tab doesn’t appear in the new users section. I can add all the data apart that. Only in the administrator section appears.
Any Idea?

Version de Apache 2.4.7
Version de PHP 5.3.28
Version de MySQL 5.5.36-cll
Architecture x86_64
Operative System linux

Thanks a lot.

Hi Ercole,

You need to navigate to Admin -> Password Management and untick the ‘Enable System-Generated Passwords Feature’ checkbox.

This will currently email the user their credentials when you create a new user.

Unchecking it will allow you to manually enter passwords.



Done! Thanks a lot!! :cheer: