Ubuntu Crashed - Have SuiteCRM data on Drive, Need to Transfer to New Server

My boot partition was full, I deleted some old kernels, and attempted to update. It appeared to update fine, and when I rebooted, I wasn’t able to boot the system back online.
I used a boot recovery, and now I can boot, but the system is like a “new” install, with SSH, Webmin, and apache not working.

I’m hoping to either get direction on recovering the server, OR

I setup another ubuntu server and can do one of two things. Either use a backup from druplicati (I’ll lose all of the work performed yesterday), or ideally, transfer the data from the old ubuntu and migrate it over to the new server.

My problem is, I’ve never done this in Linux before (Windows wouldn’t be a problem - and maybe why I should change over to Windows as the base software)

Attempts to load software to access the linux drive from windows on my windows machine have failed. Also, when I attempt to use the old drive as a secondary drive on the new server, it makes it so I can’t boot.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I suggest you to follow this strategy:

  1. take a full back-up of the DB from the original server (you should google to find out how to do it if mysql is not running. I have managed in the past) (If MySQL works then this tak is obviously easier!)
  2. take a full back-up of the files from the original server (just copy the SuiteCRM folder)
  3. Keep a copy of the above unmodified
  4. Install a new server with similar characteristics as the original (probably you will manage also if the version is different)
  5. Copy the SuiteCRM folder (that you have backed up in point 2. above) to the new server (make sure that you keep the original “as is”)
  6. Put also the DB files in the new server (you have to find out how by searching google. Possibly use the same version of MySQL)
  7. Set the necessary crontab entries
  8. Reset all file permissions and ownership properly
  9. update config.php (site_url, host_name, database host and credentials)
  10. Update .htaccess: change all paths, ipaddresses, users, groups, etc. referring to server specific folders so that they match with those of the new server.
  11. Log into SuiteCRM as Admin and Run Quick repair and Rebuild accepting requested operations you may be prompted (in such case do another Quick Repair and Rebuild)
  12. Clear your browser cache (Ctrl+F5)
    13, Logout of SuiteCRM
  13. Log back in SuiteCRM
    15, Test thoroughly to see if all is fine

This is just a guide or a starting point but there is no guarantee of success unfortunately.